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Multiplayer minigolf in the palm of your hand.

• Play online from anywhere.
• Meet up with your friends.
• Practice using single-player mode.
• Dozens of varied holes with water traps, sand traps, hills, and more.
• Play against other iPhone users or against Mac users.

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For iPhone or iPod Touch
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Multiplayer minigolf on your Mac.  

• Play online from your computer.
• Single-player practice mode.
• Easy multiplayer mode. Play against anyone who's available, or play a match against a friend.
• Putt on dozens of challenging holes.
• Play against other Mac users or against iPhone users.

Download Nanogolf for Mac OS X (1.2MB)
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) required

Nanogolf is a rich, multiplayer golfing community for Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch users. Internet play is seamless — if you have an iPhone, you can play golf on the road, in meetings, or just from the comfort of your own couch.